¡¡¡¡Dongfeng Heavy Industry Co.,LTD(hereinafter referred to as DFHI) ,founded on 8th May 2009,is the only company of Dongfeng Motor Corporation subordinate companies, which can produce and sale the mining special machinery. DFHI is located in Shiyan city, Hubei Province——Chinese machinery industry base. Dongfeng Motor Corporation placed its mining trucks on the promoting optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and the key research project lists of Twelve-Five planning. Our company is mainly engaged in engineering machinery and mining special dump trucks, import and export of goods and technology, and the production and sale of spare parts.

¡¡¡¡DFHI independently researched and developed the DF45 series mining special truck which was suitable for Chinese mining area. The design of DF45 series mining special truck is relying on the strong technical strength and manufacturing capacity and advanced management system of Dongfeng Motor Corportation, is based on the introduction of foreign advanced mining special truck technology and the characteristics of the domestic mining area transportation. DF45 is integrated the Dongfeng advantage of machine manufacturing, quality management and cost control, is also inherited the excellent performance of mining special truck. DF45 is solved the user’s trouble of which the truck price is expensive and the truck performance is unreliable, it is the optimal means of transport for middle and small scale mining area because it is low-input, high-output and quick return. Our operation principle is inheritance Dongfeng tradition, integration advantage resources, innovation logistics solutions and improving customer’s value. Our only task is always to study the best solution of mining special truck and our fundamental marketing concept is that helping customers to success is their own success. We can supply users with operations management scheme, investment plan and logistics solutions. Our vision is as the most trusted partner in the mining transport industry, as one of the largest sales enterprises in the mining truck sales industry and as the most valuable employees. Our enterprise spirit is challenge myself, challenge tomorrow, challenge impossibility, forward thinking, earlier action and further development.